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The Beach Plaza is situated in a prime location stretching over 15 rais of land. With 3 Access points to nearby public roads, The Beach Plaza will be a new hub at the heart of Kata Beach, idyllically surrounded by restaurants, shopping centers, and resorts. Its mixed-use concept features eleven 3-and-4-star hotels, simulation surfing, restaurants, spa, boutiques, and shops. All hotels are equipped with permits and BOI Certification for prospective buters. At just 300 meters or a 5 minute walk to Kata Beach, The Beach Plaza will be a new, must-visit landmark on Kata Beach.



Phuket Market Overview

Smart Hotel

The Beach Plaza is committed to developing innovative hotels in strategic locations. The Kata Beach site endeavors to deliver business continuity and worthwhile gain to hotel operators through definitive strategic investment. The slogan “SMART HOTEL SMART REWARD” ensures valuable assets will continually be passed on to business successors.

Background information and definition of the “SMART” of our The Beach Plaza project.


S stands for SEA - The Beach Plaza project is located a mere 300 meters from Kata Beach; it is a short 5-minute walk. Kata Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It features a long stretch of sand, turquoise waters and magnificent views. Kata Beach is safe for swimming and snorkeling. During the island’s green season, it is a well-known surfing destination. Other water activities include diving the local reef and parasailing. Completely family friendly, Kata Beach is popular amongst both Thai and foreign tourists.


M stands for MARKETING - The Beach Plaza projects aims to continue to market the top destination of Kata Beach by enhancing the atmosphere within the project. The project will be filled with a wide variety of activities for tourists of all ages including a flow rider as well as rock climbing. A multi-purpose area will function as a marketplace, where vendors can set up booths for product sales and also showcase Thai arts & culture. The project’s plaza will feature local goods and souvenirs as well as top notch restaurants to attract customers of all ages. These lovely attractions within the project serve as marketing channels for the hotel operators.


A stands for AREA - The project is located in the heart of the Kata neighborhood with close proximity to its namesake beach. The project will introduce a “SMART BOULEVARD” with a width of over 12 meters which will be equipped with modern technology including free WiFi, a car scan system and CCTV. The “SMART BOULEVARD” will also give access to 3 public roads. The Beach Plaza project is in the center of the commercial district, and surrounded by a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and a wonderful OTOP Market. Kata Beach’s location is central. It is close to the glitz of Patong as well as the southern beaches. Guests staying at The Beach Plaza can easily manage their travel plans to visit various island attractions with ease. Additionally, Phuket now offers a Smart Bus transportation alternative and the bus routes service the major beach neighborhoods at a fraction of the cost.


R stands for RESPONSIBILITY - The Management’s vision focuses on ethics, accountability, punctuality and loyalty to its customers. With over 20 years of experience in real estate and hotel development, the Management will ensure the project applies for valid licenses and permits required to legally operate a hotel.

  • Approval Resolution of Environment Committee
  • Building Construction Permit (Form OR.1)
  • Building Utilization Certificate (Form OR.6)
  • Hotel Operation License
  • BOI Card (for hotels with over 100 guest rooms)


T stands for TECHNOLOGY - During the project’s construction phase, technology is one thing that has been kept in mind. It starts from the placement of the building plan, design, quality materials selection, the facility’s equipment with modern technology, and also utilizing environmentally friendly practices. All of these factors combine into a SMART HOTEL that is responsive to the needs of hotel operators and a new generation of tourists. The project is prepared to provide a system that can support Digital Technology through Mobile Applications and Cloud Systems, as well as AI that will be stepping in and playing key roles in the hospitality business in the near future.

  • Fiber Optic for signal transmission
  • WiFi utilizing a high quality router
  • CCTV
  • Water heating and air conditioning systems that save energy and are environmentally friendly
  • Solar Cells for producing lighting in the common areas of the project

Smart Reward

The goal of the SMART HOTEL is to utilize technology that will make our consumer lives better. The overall concept of the SMART HOTEL endeavors to provide a different, more fulfiling travel experience. This type of SMART HOTEL concept provides many rewards to the investor who invest in The Beach Plaza Phuket project, including that the project is easy to control, there is a lucrative Return on Investment and a large Value of Assets.

1. Easy to Control
- Timming is key within the project, and we are able to organize the construction schedules, guarantee a smooth flow of all construction processes, and save time with the various paperwork whichincludes Hotel Permission, Hotel License and BOI.
- The budget is fixed for both the land and construction price, and project can ensure that the cost does not go over budget.
- With regard to planning, we are able to prepare and manage the marketing is timely fashion, which allows for complete organization before running the businness.

2. Return on Investment
- It is possible break even in a specified time frame in the hotel industry.
- The bank loan payments can be made in a timely fashion ahering to dedadlines.

3. Value of Assets
- The sheer location of the property ensures that the value will continue to increase and investors will be able to make a profit. Case in point, value of assets continue to rise in Phuket as the island’s infrastructure grows and expands.
- Inbestments in hotel property are stable